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A John Oliver clip on the Unconsumption


A John Oliver clip on the Unconsumption Tumblr? Yes! In this funny but also very smart and lucid clip, the comedy host breaks down the very serious problem of food waste. It’s great to see something like this tackled in a witty manner that might get across to audiences who normally wouldn’t be concerned with such things.

Also it really is funny. And it’s Friday afternoon. So check it out!

Here’s a clip from last night’s Last Week Tonight, where John Oliver took a close look at America’s growing problem with food waste. From sell-by dates to aesthetic standards to a lack of tax incentives for stores and restaurants to donate extra food, there are several reasons why 40% of the food produced in the United States never gets eaten, but dumping it all in a landfill only creates a whole new set of problems.

Via Splitsider

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A John Oliver clip on the Unconsumption
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