• Redesign du SHCF
  • En 2015, mon club de rink hockey le SHCF a fêté ses 50 ans. Pour l'occasion, j'ai dessiné un nouveau blason et de nouveaux maillots.
  • ‘Ocean Gravity’
  • laughingsquid:‘Ocean Gravity’, An Otherworldly Short Film Featuring a Diver Tumbling Through the Water Like a Weightless Astronaut
  • National Hockey League
  • The National Hockey League (NHL) and the NHL Players’ Association (NHLPA) are happy to announce a North American partnership with GoPro. 
  • Olympic ‘Mario Kart’
  • laughingsquid: Olympic ‘Mario Kart’ Edition of the Men’s 500m Speed Skating Finals in Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics