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Low tech

  • Change the Record by Paul Cocksedge
  • Change the Record by Paul CocksedgeIn this interview filmed at Dezeen Space, London designer Paul Cocksedge explains the ideas behind Change the Record, a project where vinyl records are moulded into amplifiers for smartphones.See more of Dezeen’s architecture and design movies here:
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  • laughingsquid: Brazilian Farmers Rig a Clever Cattle Gate That Opens Automatically Without Electricity
  • Flow Hive
  • Flow Hive: honey on tap directly from your beehiveFlow is a revolutionary beehive invention, allowing you to harvest honey without opening the hive and with minimal disturbance to the bees.
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  • laughingsquid: ‘Everything But the News’ Visits a Startup That Only Sells Black V-Neck T-Shirts
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  • laughingsquid: Two Guys Attempt ‘Snow Swimming’ in Duluth, Minnesota
  • A simple root cellar for carrots
  • startwithaseed: motherearthnewsmag: Country Lore: Dig a Bucket-Size Root Cellar A 5-gallon bucket and bucket-size hole are all you need to make a simple root cellar for carrots. By Chriss Stutzman ILLUSTRATION: KRISTIN HURLIN I remember watching Family Outing and in  some of the villages, they...